ANT Radio Service App

If you are looking for ant radio service apk then here you can get ant radio service app for android. Generally, protocols are still not directly compatible with one another. Even when you have digital protocols in your organization, you merely secure remote access in your control room.  Most protocols employed for LPWA connectivity are extremely light on security.

If you’ve chosen to depart from your network unprotected, you’ll be cautioned that you’re trying to access an unsecured network. Many times, Bluetooth-type networks are known as personal area networks, or PAN, and regarding short-range device communication, Bluetooth is quite a popular technology standard. For those who have WEP protected your wireless network, you’ll be prompted to put in your password or passphrase.

ANT Radio Service Apk

ANT Radio Service
ANT Radio Service
Developer: ANT+
Price: Free

it is wireless standard, similar to Bluetooth ®, which is primarily used for wireless connectivity in sport.This software, preinstalledby the phone manufacturer, allows you to connect ANT+ devices to your phone’s apps.

If you’ve come thus far we highly advise that you kick back and revel in our app to pass by an adequate hour of very good time. The sum of individuals who don’t understand exactly what this app does amuses and disappoints me. One thing you ought to know this app is unique. This seemingly innocuous app is continuously checking on the most up-to-date weather, which produces a constant drain on battery and bandwidthouch! Should you do, you’d be in a position to install the app. Ideally, you should only use a single email app on the device and utilize it to manage each one of your accounts.

Tap on an app you need to remove. All these apps pollute your app drawer, making it more difficult to discover and tap on the ones that you wish to run. Uninstall any news app you’ve got.

Through ANT Radio service you have to Touch the item on the screen and it’ll appear on the opposite device’s screen. So it’s the wired device that’s using power. Again, both devices need NFC in order for this to work, so make certain the device you need to transfer data to has it as well. Furthermore, one or both devices may call for special software in order for the communication can by synchronized. Samsung devices arrive preinstalled with an entire group of their proprietary apps.


  • Heart rate: collect live heart rate data from heart rate straps or wearables developed by many popular manufacturers 
  • Fitness equipment: attach ANT+ compatible fitness equipment and bicycle trainers to common training and exercise apps
  •  Bicycle speed and cadence data: capture bicycle speed, distance and/or cadence data
  • Bike strength: capture data from ANT+ cycling power meters such as Garmin Vector

Download ANT Radio Service Apk

ant radio service apk

App Name ANT Radio Service
Developer Name ANT+
Size 185KB
Version 4.15.00
Installs 500,000,000+
Required Android 2.1 and up

It is very good app with improve your fitness. This app is easy to use. You can make make your body healthy with ant radio service apk. It will always beneficial for you.


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